Repairs & Service


Car Diagnostics

With years of expert experience and advanced equipment, combined with the use of state of the art diagnostic technology, Greenslopes Car Electrics specialize in finding the root cause of your auto electrical problem. We strive to provide the most accurate diagnosis on your vehicle, to ensure your back on the road ASAP! This serves as the basis of all our repairs and services, making sure that all our customers will get 5-star treatments with the main goal of keeping your vehicle in its safest and best condition possible.

We never believe in repair by replacement and we know that our customers don’t either. Every method and process that we follow helps you save your money and time in the long run. If you think that your vehicle can use some diagnostic testing, you can count on our experts to help you out.

Engine Servicing & Repairs

Five cylinder car engine

If you want more lifetime out of your vehicle, taking extra care of your engine should always be your top priority. Carrying out routine servicing is one of the easiest ways to ensure the longevity of your engine.

When it comes to engine repairs, you can trust the experts at Greenslopes Car Electrics. Throughout the years, our skilled experts and technicians have professionally serviced different types of automotive engines from all makes and models. You can be sure that when you bring your car to Greenslopes Car Electrics, your problem will be fixed with satisfaction guaranteed.

If you have any questions about your engine, repairs or the services we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expertise goes a long way and we are more than happy to provide you with the best service possible.

Drive Shafts

drive shaft
Drive shafts are the mechanical rotating component responsible for transferring torque from the transmission of a vehicle to its differential. The drive shaft can transfer a great amount of load and torque with high speed vibrations and twisting force.Drive shafts should stay strong, lightweight and vibration free in order for smooth powering of your vehicle. The U joints and drive shaft of a vehicle don’t have any natural shelf life, and it is important to inspect the drive shaft and drive train at intervals. At Greenslopes Car Electrics, we have the right equipment and knowledge to identify any issues.

If you feel any intense vibrations, hear abnormal noises or experience difficulty turning, there may be an issue with your drive shaft. Feel free to contact us today to book an inspection.

Suspension & Steering

shock absorber

Smoothness, stability and balance are the things that guarantee a comfortable ride for you and all your passengers, it is your car’s suspension that makes them all possible. In conjunction with steering, suspension also has the responsibility of keeping the wheels firmly in contact to the road, and ensuring your vehicle travels in a straight direction.

If the suspension or steering of your vehicle is damaged, your vehicle can become dangerous to operate, and may require servicing or replacement parts to become road worthy again. If you are unable to bring your vehicle to our workshop, we offer mobile services that can cater to your location and availability.

During the comprehensive vehicle inspection, we can identify and recommend the best solution to be you back on the road in no time!

4WD Accessories

4WD Accessories
Whether you have finally decided to go on that trip of a lifetime or you have plans for an absolute adventure the next weekend, Greenslopes Car Electrics is the business you can trust when it comes to the fitting and installation of 4WD accessories.With us, you can be sure that every accessory will be properly fitted and test before the vehicle leaves our workshop.


car radiator

A radiator is responsible for keeping your engine at a safe operating temperature, to avoid any excess wear and tear. If your radiator starts to fail, your car can quickly climb in temperature and potentially cause major damage to other components. At Greenslopes Car Electrics, we can take care of your vehicle’s cooling system to ensure there are no leaks or faults that could leave you stranded and overheated.

Don’t get stuck on the side of the road, contact Greenslopes Car Electrics today to book an inspection for your radiator.

Emissions & Engine Control

car ECU
Emissions and engine control is responsible for the safe release of exhaust gases out of your motor. Modern vehicles incorporate a number of sensors that monitor the engines emissions to keep the vehicle running smoothly and efficiently in varying conditions and situations.A check engine light can suggest there may be an issue with your emission control system, and will need to be inspected for further diagnosis. Failing emission sensors can cause a decrease in fuel efficiency and overall engine health.

Greenslopes Car Electrics has the right experience to fix any emissions issues, and provide you with superior service and satisfaction.

Lubrication & Fluid Systems

Pouring oil

Lubricants and fluids are crucial for the safety, performance and operation of your car. Contaminated and old fluids, wrong fluids or low fluid levels may lead to various minor and major issues that could leave your engine wrecked. The different systems of your vehicle require various lubricants and fluids to function properly.

Fluids are also contaminated over time, as small particles are separated from deep within the engine while fluids are under constant pressures and high temperatures, making the fluids dirty and therefore less effective.

At Greenslopes Car Electrics, we have the knowledge to recommend and replace the right fluids for your vehicle. Contact us today!