Mechanical Repairs



Your transmission is integral for proper function of your vehicle and without it, your car would be rather useless and restricted to the. The transmission lets you switch gears and transfer power from the engine to speed at the wheels. Several transmissions are used in conjunction with a clutch to allow gears to engage and disengage when required.

The moment you notice some odd noises or difficulty when shifting gears, you should schedule an appointment with the experts at Greenslopes Car Electrics to check out your transmission before it’s too late. We will inspect the component for any possible issues and address the problem in a timely and professional manner.

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Mufflers & Exhausts


If your car has started making some abnormal noise, your muffler or exhaust system may be to blame. The muffler and exhaust system are designed to:

  • Minimize and control engine exhaust noises
  • Reduce the amount of the pollutants released in the atmosphere
  • Direct dangerous engine exhaust gases away from your vehicle’s inside cabin

At Greenslopes Car Electrics, we can easily tell if your muffler requires servicing or replacing. However, occasionally your emissions system may have other, more serious issues including stuck valves, pinholes, loose brackets, and catalytic converter malfunctions in the exhaust system, which aren’t as easy to detect.

If you think there may be an issue with your muffler or exhaust system, contact us today to book an inspection, and receive a free quote.


car diffs

The differential is utilized to divide the engine torque, allowing every wheel to spin at various output speeds. It’s found on majority of vehicles including numerous all-wheel-drive vehicles, which require a differential between every set of drive wheels and between the back and front wheels as well because of the front wheels travelling at a different distance during turning.

Part-time 4-wheel drive systems don’t have a differential between the rear and front wheels. But, they’re joined together so that the rear and front wheels turn at the same speed constantly. The reason behind it is that such vehicles become hard to operate and turn on concrete when the 4-wheel-drive system is engaged.

Regular differential service, and differential fluid changes are important. It’s cost-effective to follow the service recommendations of the manufacturer or allow Greenslopes Car Electrics to inspect and advise you on the health of your vehicle’s diffs.