CAT Anti-Rust Systems

CAT Anti-corrosion 4 packThe CATIII is a unique system that replaces traditional coating methods to control rust. The CAT System leverages an optimal combination of voltage and frequency to provide maximum corrosion suppression in “free air” steel structures such as automobiles, mobile plant, machinery and suitable fixed structures.


Advantages of a CAT anti-corrosion & rust protection

  • All the metal on the vehicle or structure are reached, both inside and out. All the places where traditional (spray) coatings may be missing or not typically applied
  • The process is good for a lifetime—unlike coatings which degrade over time and need constant re-application
  • The rust suppression is an ongoing process 24/7. There is no risk of chemical leakage unlike coatings
  • There is no odour – There is no danger to the environment.
  • There is no electronic interference – CAT is certified to comply Australian, US and European EMC regulations. CAT is easily installed (DIY fitting is recommended) – no drilling or fixing with screws.
  • CAT can be transferred easily.
  • CAT is designed tough for the harshest conditions.
  • CAT can help avoid costly rust repairs.
  • CAT is both 12VDC and 24VDC compatible. (or 240VAC with a converter)
  • CAT will not send your battery flat – active low voltage cut off is standard.
  • CAT slows paint oxidation (from anecdotal evidence)

Click here to view a detailed PDF guide on CAT systems.

For further information, visit the CAT website at:

CAT Systems Australia