Air Conditioning


Air con
There is nothing worse on a hot day than having an air conditioner that blows hot air. It’s a common issue when car air conditioning systems fail. If your air conditioning system of your car isn’t keeping cold, this might mean it requires re-gassing or some repairs. We can provide:

  • Itemized check list and recommendations
  • Check condenser and hoses
  • Check the cooling fans’ operation
  • Check drive belts
  • Performance test
  • Coolant leaks
  • Chafed or old hoses
  • Faults with evaporator, condenser or compressor


Sometimes your air conditioning system may be damaged beyond repair, in which case you’ll will require a brand new system. We can recommend and install your new A/C system for your car.

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Maintenance & Pressure Testing

When air conditioner systems do not generate cold air, one of the common issues is the depletion of its refrigerant gas. Pressure testing is carried out to determine any gas leaks before the system is re-gassed. If leaks are found, they may need to be sealed, or parts replaced.

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